What is Yava Yoga



Yava Yoga, created and developed by Cynthia Bialek, is a form of Hatha Yoga influenced by energy of Ashtanga Yoga, the disciplines of Anusara and Inyengar Yoga, and the insightfulness of Integral Yoga. “Yava” means “refining”, in Sanskrit. The emphasis of Yava Yoga is on the gradual journey of “refining” the asanas to ultimately find perfection in each pose. By taking a specific and methodical approach to restructuring the body through Yava Yoga, one becomes refined both physically and mentally and learns how prevent injuries by “listening to their own body”.         

  • Yava Yoga combines functional preparatory movements into the flow of asanas to improve the safety and success of practicing Yoga.  Every class or private session includes a blend of balance, flexion, extension, torsion, and relaxation to equalize the stimulation of all major organs in the body. There are specific class formats tailored to meet the needs of special interest groups, or challenged individuals, that often utilize modifications for most of the traditional asanas while maintaining the original intent of the pose.
  • Yava Yoga can be practiced by EVERYONE!


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